My Pet Monster

October 6, 2010 at 4:11 pm Leave a comment

Monster is my precious 2 year old Tabby, and the friendliest most awesome cat you will ever meet. His hobbies include chasing lights and reflections, sleeping, and trying to find the highest or most obscure places to hide. He’ll only drink out of the faucet, out of your hand in the shower, or out of a bowl that we keep on the bathtub ledge (and only while someone’s in the shower) He loves water and will run and jump on the bathtub ledge as soon as we turn the shower on, every time.  He wakes us up between 4 and 6 every morning by walking back and forth across our throats, or jumping on our chests, but when we don’t get up he’ll squeeze between my arms so I’m holding him like a teddy bear and go to sleep until I get up 🙂

He was named after Monster energy drinks because he has a habit of running full speed around the room/ apartment when he gets excited, which is about once every hour (he also likes to hide under the bed/ in the closet and jump out at people as they walk by) His friends lovingly refer to him as “Monsty”.  If you’ve never met Monster you are certainly missing out. Here are some pictures for those unfortunate souls who haven’t met the best little kitty in the world (aside from my families 16 year old blue Russian, George, who, in his prime, was just like Monster)…

on the fridge

Under the couch

In a sock monkey sweater

Drinking from the faucet

“Will you please stop taking pictures of me, I’m trying to sleep!”

My boys fast asleep

This is his favorite way to sit

In a trash bag

“Look what I just Googled!”

Under the blanket, mewing I’m sure.

He sits this way often

In the dry cleaning

In a trash can

In a cereal box?

On top of the cabinets.

Behind the pillows

Who needs a parrot when you’ve got a Monster?

In a shopping bag.


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