My Pet Monster

Monster is my precious 2 year old Tabby, and the friendliest most awesome cat you will ever meet. He was named after Monster energy drinks because he has a habit of running full speed around the room/ apartment when he gets excited, which is about once every hour (he also likes to hide under the bed/ in the closet and jump out at people as they walk by) His friends lovingly refer to him as “Monsty”. If you’ve never met Monster you are certainly missing out. Here are some pictures for those unfortunate souls who haven’t met the best little kitty in the world (aside from my families 16 year old blue Russian, George, who, in his prime, was just like Monster)…


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Wednesday: the middle of the week, my favorite day (I was born on a Wednesday), and a simple word that means, “you’re almost there!”. Today is Wednesday, and I’m almost there!

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Quotes collected over time

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Analysis for The Incredulous Paradise

Well my dad asked me to write out an analysis for my poem, so, here it is.

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The Incredulous Paradise

I used to write poems all the time, but for the past year or so I just haven’t been inspired. Last night Chase told me I should start writing again, so today I decided to finish one that I had started a couple months ago.

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The painting in my header… yeah, I did that. 🙂

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